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    Charge Amplifier

    QSY7701B Charge Amplifier

    It is a six-channel charge amplifier whose output voltage is proportional to the input charge. Equipped with piezoelectric sensors, can measure the acceleration, pressure, force and other mechanical quantities of objects, widely used in water conservancy, power, mining, transportation, construction, earthquake, aerospace, weapons and other sectors. This instrument has the following characteristics: low noise and small drift, stable and reliable quality, eliminate the attenuation of the equivalent capacitance of the input cable to the signal, can connect to long cable without affecting the measuring accuracy.

    Technical Parameters

    Noise: Less than 1 mV

    Channels: 4CH, 6CH, 8CH

    Maximum output current:±50 mA

    Working temperature: -40℃~60℃

    Maximum output amplitude:±6.5 VPP

    Accuracy: 0.5% Sensitivity: 0.05mV/pC

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