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    Wheel and Axle Identifier

    QSY8768 Wheel and Axle Identifier

    Installed under the pavement, it can identify the number of axles, number of tires, axle type and vehicle type. Mainly used in overload governance system or used together with other systems. Long service life, strong anti-interference ability, high recognition rate.

    Technical Parameters

    Data output: RS485/CAN

    Degree of protection: IP68

    Speed range: 0.5 ~ 200km/h

    Operating temperature: -30℃~65℃

    Overload capacity: Greater than 150%F.S

    Length: 1.5m, 2m

    Section size: (48mm*58mm)x58mm

    Service life: More than 100 million axle times

    Tire type recognition rate: ≥99%

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